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The presence of water, saltiness grade and typical vegetation of alophile plants, make Comacchio Valleys a so unique and extremely rich of nourishment zone for humid areas animals, that they take the greatest variety of bird italian species (300 ca), nesters or migratory ones.
In fact many species take a place here: from Svassi family Svasso Maggiore and Tuffetto; Common, Pink and Coral Seagull, Beccapesci; from Duck family Mestolone, Canapiglia, Grey Moretta and Volpoca, favoured by the presence in Boscoforte of a wild rabbits colony, whose abandoned burrows Volpoca uses to depose its eggs; between Waders we have Cavaliere d'Italia (Italy Knight), in addition to sea Partridge, an extremely rare specie. All the spieces of ducks winter here: the most numerous ones are FOLAGHE GUARDA SUL TRADONLINE (about 1/3 of the surveyed in Italy), Germani Reali (Royal Germans) and Moriglioni (75% of the specimens). Instead, Quattrocchi, little Svasso, turkish Fistione, Mignattaio and Spatola are migratory. 
Between birds of prey Marsh Hawkes and little Albarella are nesters.
Comacchio Valleys gives hospitality to a large quantity of Ardeids, like elder Egret, Cenerino Heron CONTR TRADONLINE, Garzetta, Red Heron, Tarabuso, and Limicoles, like Corriere, Avocetta, Combattente (Fighter), Plover, Snipe, Curlew, Pittima (an Italian word which means "pain in the neck"), Pettegola (another Italian term, whose mean is "gossipy"), Piro Piro. Of course the Cormorant, that finds its nourishment in the so rich of fishes zone of Valleys.
In addition to all these avifauna species, the Valleys have been enriched by the presence of Pink Flamingos, so numerous a time ago, but never seen again in Comacchio for a long time. Since a couple of years they stop around saltworks: in 1998 more than 400 specimens have been surveyed, and we think they will pause to nest in the next years.

The eel

The beech

The fox

The tamericio

Fish fauna

The valley is the ideal place to play fish - colture of migartory species, during thier passage from the sea to the hinterland: in Comacchio the fishing's protagonist it's with no doubts the eel, captured by using a singular cage called "lavoriero", but they are present also basses, soles, grey mullets, gilthead breams, sparrows and latterini (kind of local fishes).

The limonium

Pink flamingo

Italy knight

Common reed


The high saltiness makes the life in the valleys very hard. Banks and appearing rises are soaked in water, impossible to stand by the most plants and seeds. In a so inhospitable environment only plants able of particular adaptations , , can install , the Alophiltes, whose diffusion is made easier by competitor spieces' absence. So, the valleys flora is deeply different from that of the surrounding territories. The spontaneous vegetation, besides naturalistic and landscaping value, is constitutive element of the ecosystem, because several plants are the fundamental food for many vegetarian birds and fishes to. Because of the high saltiness of soil and water (from 2 to 6%), the valleys are an extreme and hostile environment for the life of the plants: so it's a typically alophile vegetation the one which is developed, able to bear the presence of the salt. 
These plants have the capacity to suit the environment concentrating saltiness in specified points of their body, or separating the salt from water then to expel him.
On the muddy and sandy depths they grow algae (rigid Ulva and Valonia) and Ruppia Spiralis. On the rises they are diffuse Salicornia, which in Autumn assumes the typical intense red colouring, Puccinellia, Salsola, which is edible and time ago used to obtain soda by burning, maritime reeds, Tamerici, Limonio, Enula Bacicci and the sea celestial body. Naturally Fragmiteti fileds, composed by marsh straw, are of primary importance.



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