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It's ready to Comacchio Valleys a route for discovery all the ornitological species.

Guided route

AM 8:30 10:30
PM 14:30 16:30

For further infotmations contact us by phone:

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Welcome in the Valleys !!!

The Valleys are a living museum, a misterious and timeless dimension, for their flora, the fauna, the rises, for the particular fishing houses (the "casoni"), and for the fishers you can meet in; for the memories of an ancient story which still are in the air, bringing with the wind the past's echo. We let to visitors the invitation to read the centuries - old sorrow of this world made by the waters in the casoni, in the tabarre, in the cavanne, by ships, fishing tools, furnishings of the daily life of valleys inhabitants, time ago locked up to their valleys as land's slaves.
You can admire and know the original naturalistic landscape of Comacchio Valleys trough 2 (soon 3) guided routes:

1) Routes along tooled up ways
2) Valley route (sea - fluvial)
3) (Through a rental bike service we'll soon add a route for this mean).

In their whole, the proposed routes (each tour will last about 3 hours) contribute to show the beauty and the uniqueness of this naturalistic example called Comacchio Valleys
These routes have been studied by specialized personnel that knows the place deeply, and you can follow what you prefer with no distinction, stimulating curiosity and interest for an eventual deeper study
Now, here is a more detailed description for each route, beating the moments of your visit quite minute by minute.

1) Route along tooled up ways (by walking):

It' articulated in the length of about 1h., leaving from the zone of the typical fishing houses (the "casoni"), also called Foce Place. Here you will see a projection, of the length of about 20 ', explanatory of the life of the valleys' inhabitant. Projection will be followed by the passage by one of the most important sluices of the valley complex already for the 1950s, year of its building: "the Chiavica" (dialectal term to appoint the sluice). Founding works for the valley system, take origin from a millenary story which has before registered the alternation of emergences and floods of earths and at last, the reclamation of wide "marshy lawns", recovered to the agriculture, really thanks to such structures. This determines the real transit in the valley landscape arriving, after a way of 30 ', to the PEGORARO casone (place for the pasture of the sheep).

Il casone

Emblem of a system of life, the case was one of the least peach stations: each of the 4 quarters of valley, which the whole district was subdivided in, was constituted by a greater station and some less. You must (it is interesting) know that at the quarter a factor was supervising, every station, a Caporione. The number of the Vallanti, with various duties, was changing from 5-6 to about twenty, second of the stations, with stays from two at six weeks.

And like that ` which on the social plan they were becoming of the young companies characterized by narrow daily life ties pronounced the weighing working rhythms and the sovereign nature. All that and other will still be illustrated by the guide to the moment of the visit.

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